• Dec.
    Nexon Japan Launches 'Devil Girls' Mobile Trading Card Game, developed by inBlue in Google Play Korea
    Nexon Hosts Purme Children's Concert
    MapleStory Releases ''MapleStory's first official fanbook ‘Secret Story’
    Dungeon & Fighter Hosts 'Dungeon & Fighter' F1 Competition in Beijing, China
    Nexon Nexon's 'Pro Baseball Master 2013' awarded 'BEST of 2012' in Apple app store Korea
    Nexon Japan Publishing and Game Development license signed with Kodansha to develop the TV series 'Ghost in Shell' as an online game
    Nexon Nexon sponsored Pro Golfer Bi Oh Kim wins the Korean Pro Golf Tour Money List
    KartRider Released 'KartRider Rush' as an app for Samsung's Smart TV
    KartRider Recorded 1 million download of 'KartRider Coin Rush for Kakao' in 2 weeks after release
    Nexon Established 'Wish Planet 2' Little Library in Dadeldhura, Nepal. Nexon operates 70 Libraries around the world.
    FIFA Online 3 Official launch of 'FIFA Online 3' in Korea
    Counter-Strike Online 'Counter-Strike Online' participates in the Grand Final of WCG 2012
  • Nov.
    Nexon Established the "Good Game Use Campaign" to eradicate illegal software
    Warface 2nd Closed Beta Test in Korea
    KartRider Released 'KartRider Coin Rush for Kakao' in Google Play
    Nexon Released iOS version of 'Puzzle ZooZoo for Kakao'
    Dungeon & Fighter Hosted '2012 Dungeon & Fighter Festival' with 22,000 participants
    Nexon Hosted award ceremony for Nexon Hands '2nd Little Library Book Report Competition'
    Nexon 'Puzzle ZooZoo' wins 1st place in Apple app store's Free App category
    Pro Baseball 2K 1st Closed Beta Test in Korea
    Counter-Strike Online 2 2nd Closed Beta Test in Korea
    Nexon Delivers donation to 'Busan Deaf Giants', a baseball team for the hearing impaired
    Nexon Signs publishing agreement for Valve's new game 'DOTA 2' in Korea and Japan
    Dungeon & Fighter Releases concept artbook of 'Dungeon & Fighter'
    Epic of the Three Kingdoms 'Epic of the Three Kingdoms' wins the 2012 Korean Game Grand Prize in 3 categories (Excellence Award, Development Award and Creativity Award)
    Counter-Strike Online 2 Publishing contract signed with Gamania for the service of 'Counter-Strike Online 2' in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
    Nexon Participates in G-Star 2012 as the biggest exhibitor with 7 game titles
    Nexon Becomes official sponsor for Swansea City, a football club of EPL where Korean player Sung Yueng Ki is affiliated
    Nexon Networks Signs joint cooperation agreement with Cooperative of Internet Culture Content Provider in Korea
    Cyphers Signs service agreement of 'Cyphers' for service in China
    Epic of the Three Kingdoms Released iOS version of cross platform 3D MMORPG 'Epic of the Three Kingdoms'
  • Oct.
    Nexon Launches smartphone baseball game 'Nexon Pro Baseball Master 2013'
    MapleStory SNG 'MapleStory: Heroes' wins 1st place in T Store
    Nexon Signs publishing agreement for 'Project NT' with Thingsoft
    Epic of the Three Kingdoms Official Launch in Korea
    Nexon Recorded 1 million download after release in Google Play
    MapleStory Releases SNG 'MapleStory: Heroes' in Daum Mobage
    Nexon Sponsors Luxemburg Film Festival
    KartRider Releases 'KartRider Rush+' in NaverNStore
    Nexon Opens the 60th ‘Nexon Little Library’
    Bubble Fighter Releases 'Bubble Fighter', in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau through Gamania
    Pro Baseball 2K Official name of joint developed game with 2K Sports 'Pro Baseball 2K' announced
    Crazy Arcade BnB Launches smartphone game 'Crazy Arcade Live' in T store
    Nexon Japan Acquires Japanese mobile game developer 'Gloops'
  • Sep.
    Combat Arms Releases 'Combat Arms: Zombie' in Apple app store Korea
    Sudden Attack Friendly match of 'Sudden Attack' between Korea and Japan in 'Tokyo Game Show'
    Nexon Opens T store Nexon Members shop
    Nexon Networks Publically announced open employment of 50 new personnel in Jeju office
    Nexon Becomes official sponsor of Queens Park Rangers, a football club of EPL where Korean player Ji-Sung Park is affiliated
    Nexon 'Healthy Netiquette Class' hosted additionally to 25 Elementary / Middle school students (about 7,500 students) in the 2nd half of 2012
    Nexon Nexon staff does volunteer work at Purme Rehabilitation center, while NXC donates 1 billion Korean Won
    Nexon Publically announces open employment of 5 Nexon affiliated companies for the 2nd half of 2012
  • Aug.
    Nexon Sponsors 'Trihack', a development contest of University students of Korea, China and Japan
    KartRider Releases 'KartRider Rush+' in Apple app store
    Dungeon & Fighter Record breaking 3 million Maximum Concurrent Users recorded in 'Dungeon & Fighter' China
    KartRider Releases 'KartRider Tycoon' in Apple app store
    Bubble Fighter Releases 'Bubble Fighter Adventure' in T store
    Nexon Europe Participates in Gamescom 2012 Germany, with 'Navy Field 2' and 'Shadow Company'
    Gamehi Establishes industrial-academic cooperation with Kwangwoon University, Ajou University and Hoseo University
    Mabinogi Heroes Releases 'Mabinogi Heroes' OST with collaboration of TV show Top Band Season 2 members, including musician Wan Kyu Park
    Nexon Sponsors Seoul University Happiness Research Center 'Happiness Class Teacher Training' program
  • Jul.
    EverPlanet Official launch in Thailand
    Nexon Started ''Olleh Music' service channeling
    Nexon Released 'Monkey Ookey Jigsaw Puzzle' for 'iPad
    Nexon Released Facebook game 'The Grinns Tale'
    Nexon Simultaneously released Xbox360 title 'Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre' worldwide
    Nexon Started service of MMORPG 'Shaiya' in Nexon portal
    Nexon Sponsors 'Imagine Seed Happiness Dream' center, a creative culture education support business
    Nexon Releases SNG 'Atafu' in Apple app store
  • Jun.
    KartRider Releases Android OS version of 'KartRider Rush+'
    Nexon Japan Acquires Japanese mobile social game developer 'inBlue'
    Nexon Releases 'Space Tank' in Apple app store
    Nexon America Starts service of 3 game titles via Valve Steam platform
    Counter-Strike Online 'Counter-Strike Online' selected as a promotional event in WCG 2012
    KartRider Revealed new 'KartRider' brand 'KartRider 2.0'
    Nexon Releases Facebook game 'Cloudstone', a dungeon expedition action RPG
    Nexon Renewed Nexon portal
    Nexon Japan Acquires 14.7% of NCSoft's share
  • May
    Nexon Opens channeling service of JCE's new game 'GatekeeperX'
    Nexon Networks Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Korea Internet PC Culture Association
    Nexon Opens 'Elsword Adventure' theme park within Daegu's eco adventure theme park 'Herbhillz'
    Nexon Merged with Nexon Mobile
    Nexon Hosts '2012 Nexon Art Festival'
    KartRider Launches Facebook game 'KartRider Dash' and 'Zoo Invasion'
    Neople Publically announces open employment of new and experienced personnel for the 1st half of 2012
    Nexon Additional '1st Half Healthy Netiquette Class' hosted to 30 schools (about 8,000 students)
  • Apr.
    Nexon Communications Founded subsidiary company 'Nexon Communications' in Busan as an exemplary company
    Nexon Launches web base SNG 'Lucky Space'
    KartRider Official launch in Japan
    Nexon Opened 'Nexon Members Service'
    Nexon Hosted Nexon Developers Conference 2012 (NDC 2012)
    Nexon Opens participatory play park ‘KartRider Racing Zone’
    Nexon Founded 'Nexon & Partners Center, NPC'
    Nexon Founded participatory Digital Emotion Culture park 'The Nollja' in Busan
    Nexon Mobile Launches SNG ‘SD Three Kingdoms : Friends' in Cyworld app store
    Counter-Strike Online 2 Partners with Valve Corporation for the joint development of 'Counter-Strike Online 2'
    Nexon Signs business agreement with Yonsei University's Yonsei Enterprise Support Foundation
  • Mar.
    Nexon Signs technological agreement with Unity Technologies Korea
    Dungeon & Fighter Releases 'Light Novel' of 'Dungeon & Fighter'
    MapleStory Launches 'MapleStory Live' in Apple app store Korea
    Nexon Introduces 'NX Art Lab', an in-house welfare program consisting of culture and art
    Nexon Mobile Records one hundred thousand downloads of Nexon Mobile game ‘Empire Online’ in T store
    Nexon Signs official sponser agreemment between Nexon and Lotte Giants pro baseball team
  • Feb.
    MapleStory Launches 'MapleStory Live' for Android in T store
    Nexon Acquires JCE's management rights
    Nexon Acquires 19.99% share of 'Moyasoft', a smartphone game developer
    Nexon Signs publishing agreement of 'Warface' with Crytek
  • Jan.
    Nexon Hosts Nexon game artist exhibition ‘BORDERLESS’
    Nexon Mobile Launches smartphone MMORPG ‘Empire Online’ in T store
    Nexon Acquires ChoiRock Games 'Shaiya' business
    Nexon Hosts ‘F.L.Y. Ski Camp’ for teenagers